Welcome to my world :)

Introduction about me

Hello! My name is Jay Zhao Ziyu, currently 17. My family consists of 4 members, including me. I have a puppy named Mickey too, so I’ll count it as 4 1/2. I studied at Peiying Primary School from the ages of 7 to 9 and Northland Primary School from the ages of 10 to 12, then spent 4 years in Orchid Park Secondary School. Right now, I am studying in Singapore Polytechnic, Year 1 Diploma in Information Technology in the SP BP Mentoring CCA where i interact and teach younger children.

Purpose & target audience of the website

I made this website for my Website Design CA1 assignment.It is a personal website where i can share my interests, hobbies and my portfolio to people who would like to get to know me better.

Primary School

I went to Peiying Primary School from primary one to primary 3.The school was located quite far from my home and i was frequently late. I wasn't particularly fond of the school as i was bullied by someone. Everyday the bully would physically abuse me. I would go home everyday with severe scratch mark. I did not know how to stand up for myself then despite being quite big size for a primary school kid. After two years of getting bullied , i gradually left the school. I then joined Northland Primary School when i was primary three. I made a few great friends while studying there. My fondest memory there was actually the Physical Education lessons where i learnt to play basketball , basketball was a big part of my primary school life. During my reccess , i would skip meals to play basketball , after school i would stay back just to play it too. Through basketball i met some great friends. Up to now , i still keep in touch with some of them.

My Secondary School

I went to Orchid Park Secondary School. I joined the National Police Cadet Corps(NPCC) CCA during the four years spent in the school.I made many great friends from that school and had tons of fun with them. I did not enjoy my Secondary one and two life as i struggled in my studies as i had a pretty serious gaming addiction and did not really interact much with my classmates. I could not get much help for my studies. While i was failing or barely passing , my classmates were getting all A's.However, things took a turn when i joined a new class in Secondary Three. I had more motivation to study as i felt much closer to my classmates and teachers and we had healthy relationships where we encouraged each other to study and had fun at the same time.I was finally getting A's and B's instead of barely passing or failing. My most memorable moment in Secondary School is the 2016 Annual Sport Carnival. Throughout my four years in the school , i always participated in tug of war with my group of friends we always came in short in the semi-finals and finals.We remained as a team since secondary one to four with some roster changes due to the change of class. During that year , the games were highly competitive as my class looked like one of the contenders.There were three powerhouse teams then , my class , the secondary five class and my ex teammates in secondary one and two. The games between us were super competitive as the games between the three powerhouses team were super even unlike the other one sided games. In order to get to the finals that year , my team had to go through one of the titan team(Secondary five team). When we played them, it was dead even to the point where both sides had muscle strains and fatigue. We came through and i was glad that my team topped the group stage. However , during the finals against my previous teammates , my team lost as we were too tired. It was a shame as it was our final sport carnival and the entire school was watching us play , many were cheering for us as we looked slightly stronger , in the end we lost and were disappointed to the extent that some of my friends cried on the spot. Although we attained runners up, i felt a sense of happiness i knew that we tried our best to the very end. The result wasn't what i wanted but the process was nothing less than what i can ask for.