League Of Legends

I have been playing League of Legends for 4 and a half years. Throughout the period of playing this game , i never felt bored of it. I love the competiveness of this game. Every year , the makers of the game , Riot Games will add changes to the game , making every season a new season. With each coming season , new tactics and playstyles will be implemented. Other than new seasons , they keep the game fresh by adding new champions for players to play. By doing so , players who want to be relevant or have fun will have to adapt to the new style and champions , making this game quite interesting to me as there are many styles to play the game. In my 4th year of playing this game , i attained the rank of Diamond V , my highest rank so far. My favourite champion in the game is called Jinx. I like this champion as the champion sounds mentally unsound and loves causing havoc,just how i like my games to be. She will also go "crazy" after getting a kill or an assist which i enjoy. If you are interested in how the champion is like personality wise click here I don't think i will stop playing this game anytime soon, ever since i start my Poly life, i enjoyed the game more as i was able to form a competition team of my choice and have fun. i still have 2 years left in Singapore Polytechnic and i want to make use of my time to win more competitions , not just Singapore Polytechnic competitions, but inter-schooled ones. I will try my utmost best to improve and hopefully one day win the Campus League.

This game also served as a link between me and my secondary school friends to stay in touch despite leaving secondary school. We still get opportunities to talk to each other about whats going on because we play together.

In my year one journey in Singapore Polytechnic , i started to open up and formed a team with a group of strangers which are now my teammates for most competitions i participate in. I participated in nine competitions in my entire League Of Legends journey. With three being Islandwide and two interschool and the rest of it just between the teams in Singapore Polytechnic. My fondest memory from those tournaments were from the Institute of Technical Education,Singapore Polytechnic,Ngee Ann Polytechnic and National University of Singapore(ISPN). This tournament was the most unique one i played in as it was played nearly every week.My team name was 빙수 the kitkat. The top few places were determined like a group stage or table just like professional sports. Only the top eight teams can proceed to the second round where they face each other for a spot in the semi finals and then finals. My team was placed fourth in the entire competition. There were 24 teams involved. I was pretty happy with the group stage results as this was the largest tournament i participated in. Although my team lost in the quarter finals , i am still proud of my teammates as we played really well in order to get top four in the group stages.

Favourite League of Legends team

The game also has a competition series weekly where professional teams have to challenge each other every week to get to the top in the group stage to qualify for play-offs and then maybe the World Championship and international events. I usually watch the North America League of Legends Championship Series (NALCS). In the NALCS , the team i supported since i started out League of Legends till now is called Counter Logic Gaming (CLG). Watching this team play makes me love the game even more as they execute their plays cleanly and are usually the underdogs in play-offs. They were also the dark horse team in the League of Legends Mid Season Invitational 2016. No one expected them to be a finalist as there were teams that were way more famous compared to them. In the end , they made it to the finals. Despite losing the finals , they still won the hearts of many for their decent run in the competition. This team inspired me to start playing better in the game and to participate in competitions. Usually i would use their games as references for games in my competitions.


In addition to being an avid E-Sports fan, i am also a fan of physical sports. I like ball games especially such as football. I am a Manchester United fan. I first fell in love with the team when i was 7 years old. Since i started watching them , they won four Premier League Titles , three League Cups , one FA Cup , one Club World Cup , one Europa League and one European Cup. I enjoy watching them play as i feel that they play with pride and passion, they win with their bold moves. It amuses me when they comeback last minute, through the love of the game and hardwork, they were unstoppable. Since the retirement of former manager Sir Alex Ferguson, the team was not as formidable as the 2008 period.However, the team seems to be in better shape now ever since José Mourinho took over the manager position in the team. The current Manchester United team is second in the table, improving from the past 3 years since the absence of Sir Alex Ferguson.I also play the sport instead of watching.My friends and i would have at least one futsal session everyweek during the holidays.I played football a lot during Secondary four period, i would spend 80% of my time playing football and then going to class sweaty and my classmates would be afraid of me as i looked drenched and unkempt. As i spent most of my time playing football during that period , i lost a whooping 11kg in three months time.

Favourite football player

My favourite football player is Thiago Alcântara. He is a Spanish midfielder who plays central midfielder for German club FC Bayern Munich. He joined FC Barcelona in the spanish league when he was aged 14 and made his first team debut in 2009. After winning honours including four La Liga titles, the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup for Barcelona, he signed for FC Bayern Munich for a reported fee of €25 million in 2013.He has won seven trophies, including the Bundesliga in each of his first three seasons. He played for Spain internationally. He participated in the 2008 UEFA European Under-17 Football Championship with Spain, helping his country to eventual victory in the tournament, and scoring in the finals. During Spain's victorious 2011 UEFA European Under-21 Football Championship campaign, he scored the second goal of a 2–0 victory with a beautiful 40-yard free kick in the finals against Switzerland. He was awarded the man of the match of the finals. He scored a hat-trick in the 2013 UEFA European Under-21 Football Championship Final and let Spain to victory as Spain defeated Italy 4–2 to win their fourth European Championship title. He made his senior international debut in a friendly match in 2011 and was named in Spain's 30-man provisional squad for the 2014 World Cup on 13 May of that year.However, two days later, he withdrew from the squad due to a knee ligament injury obtained while playing for Bayern in March. Thiago Alcântara is really good with the ball , he is a highly creative and technically gifted playmaker, with excellent dribbling skills and ball control.He possesses great passing technique and vision, which most midfielders would need and maintained a remarkable 90.2% pass success rate throughout the 2016–17 Bundesliga season, higher than any other player in Germany.He is also strong for someone who is 1.72m tall , he has great balance and agility, allowing him retain possession under pressure and dribble past opponents into space in order to create chances for his teammates. He is also pretty cheeky with the ball , he has many tricks and skills up his sleeves and never hesistates to show it off. He never fails to amuse me everytime i watch him , i feel that although he might not be as popular to the likes of Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo , he is still a solid player overall.His family is also pretty successful in the football industry. His father,Mazinho is a former Brazilian football player and the 1994 world cup winner. His brother , Rafinha plays for FC Barcelona too, some of his notable achievements are winning the UEFA Champions League and Gold for Olympics for Brazil.If you are interested in how good Thiago is, you can check him out here .