Academics and achievements

  • I attained a score of 213 for my PSLE. 2A's(Mathematics and Chinese) and 2B's(Science and english)
  • O levels L1R4:13(Raw), 11 Net
  • O levels L1R5:17(Raw), 15 Net
  • A1 for Combine Science(Physics,Chemistry)
  • A2 for Math(E-math)
  • B3 for Chinese Language Mother Tongue
  • B3 for Additional Mathematics(A-Math)
  • B4 for Literature in English
  • B4 for English Language
  • C5 for Combined Humanities(Geography and Social Studies)
  • I was the Head of the logistics department in my CCA(NPCC) as of 2016.
  • NPCC unit was awarded the gold for the NPCC Unit Overall Proficiency Award.
  • Participated in school's speech day from 2013 to 2016
  • Attained Edusave Good Progress Award for 2014 and 2015

Community service and participations

  • I visited an old folks home as a Northland Primary School Student.
  • I played the background role of being part of the logistics team, was a group leader and part of the campfire team in my annual camp.
  • In 2013 , i went Pasir Ris to clean the beach as an Orchid Park Secondary School student.
  • In 2016, i participated in a NPCC Campcraft Competition
  • Participated in National Day Parade celebration for my seconday school in 2016
  • I participated in Flag Day 2016 as an Orchid Park Secondary School Student.
  • I participated in Flag Day 2017 as a Singpore Polytechnic student.
  • I participated in NPCC day where i raised awareness on the latest crime trends to several citizens.

Some of my work done so far in my course

  • Designed a bot that gives Physics notes to a user depending on his topic by Java Programming.
  • Designed a personal website about myself.